Are You Looking For Martial Arts Articles to Post or Send to Your Subscribers

Dear Martial Artist,

Thanks for stopping by. In the article archive section of this site, you’ll find free quality articles that you can post on your site and/or send to your lists.


Why did I create this martial-arts archive?

Lately, I have been seeing big problems with information on the net. I’m sure you have seen it in other genres, but these monsters are definitely rearing their ugly heads in the world of martial arts and self-defense:

  • weak content
  • plagiarized information
  • pirated paragraphs for spam
  • articles that don’t teach anything
I am talking about the drivel that passes for an article. They are just this side of worthless.

Most people go looking for articles in the mega article directories, that they can publish. Often these directories provide RSS feeds, to make copying the content even easier.

Easier for Spammers to lift sections of articles to try to promote their garbagy pages with keyword optimization. (By the way, when I find sites spamming with my content, I get the pages, and sometimes the whole site dropped to the bottom of Google. This is to protect you.)

The articles on these mega directories become all but worthless.

If you have done any marketing online, then you know these article directories are used mainly to rank for specific keywords and to drive people to their sites. Quality content is not even considered by most of them.

These authors (and sometimes the directories) just want to use the “right” keywords.

What’s worse is that now, these entrepreneurial authors are buying programs to submit these articles to many directories simultaneously. They submit the same articles, but with a twist — the paragraphs have been rearranged, and the titles are switched around, to make the articles appear unique.

The result is that the crud you got in the first place has now been rearranged and redistributed as new crud. Often the rearranged crud doesn’t even make sense.


I don’t know about you, but I am sick of it.

And while I have been guilty of posting to these mega directories, I have never used an automatic submitter to rearrange content.

So, are you having problems wading through all the fluff out there?

I bet I know what you are looking for.

  • You want articles that offer quality content.
  • You want your readers to learn to do something, to improve, to get something out of visiting your site or reading your newsletters.
  • You’d like at least one fresh article per week to offer to your readers.
  • If you’re the usual author for your site, having an extra article per week could really make your life easier by taking a load off you and all that you have to do.

It’s one less task you have to write per week.

Not only do you want quality content, but you probably wish that some of these articles could use your affiliate link, so you could make some bucks just by putting the article in front of lots of eager eyes.

Enter the Dragon … I mean Keith Pascal … uh … me.

I have created this site for you. You can give me input … if you’d like to see an article that’s in my area of expertise, then ask. Who knows? I might be able to work it into the schedule; I’ll certainly try.

Oh, and from time, to time, I’ll showcase martial artists and their sites. That’s potential exposure for you.

(My combined martial arts lists total more than 43,000 subscribers and the number is growing. That’s certainly a start.)

These articles emphasize practical application the majority of the time. Also, many of them give specific steps that your readers can act on immediately.

This makes for a very happy reader.

And an interested one, too.

Can you picture the difference between the fluffy articles that you see other places and what you are about to get access to?

Are you wondering what all of this is going to cost you?

I would be, right about now.

And the answer is … nothing.

It’s FREE … with a small catchActually, it’s a standard rule….

You have to leave the byline intact (by Keith Pascal). That’s important … My publishing company, Kerwin Benson Publishing, has taken legal action against those who plagiarize and that includes the removal of author credits.

Along with the byline, you have to leave the resource box there. This is to your benefit, because I’ll usually give you the option of inserting your affiliate link, so that you can earn an automatic commission (often 50%).

No Monthly Fee

Look, I could have charged a monthly fee and made this a membership site. At only $5 an article, that would be $25 or more a month.

But this is about taking the content back from the keyword mongers … it’s about filling the Internet with higher quality content. Let’s give your readers what they want and deserve. Really.

You can send out only these articles and make your life easy, or use them as a supplement to your own writing.

I really am trying to make this a win-win situation. You get 50%. I get 50%, minus processing fees, and a few more costs.

The times that I don’t provide an affiliate link, I’ll have a random drawing for something I have offered to my customers … so, if you’re on this list, you have a chance to win and get something, without even selling anything.

Two last benefits, both of which I hesitate mentioning:

1) There is a chance that you and I could do a joint venture. Either we both promote for free, or we both promote with affiliate links for the other’s site. I hesitate mentioning this, because I am very choosy about these kinds of swaps. Oh, and the product must be your own creation, or you own the only rights of distribution.

2) I think this last point is more of a side benefit. I don’t want to brag, but I am a known martial-arts author. Some of my books have achieved critical acclaim, and I have been publishing martial-arts articles for over a decade. Again, without being braggy… I have to assume that sites that host my articles gain a little prestige. Ugh .. that sounds so full of myself. I apologize.

You can enter the archives now, and use some of the recent articles, but if you want to receive and use practical articles BEFORE they get added to the archive, then sign up to the Martial Arts Articles Publishers’ List.

This list is intended ONLY for those who post martial arts articles to their site or blog, or those who send articles to their list.

Sign up now and start getting articles sent to you that you may share with your readers.

Oh, and if you have any questions … contact me:

I’m Keith Pascal … and I look forward to building more friendships with site and list owners like you.