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Better Fighting Footwork in 20 Minutes — Your readers go through these simple steps and in just 20 minutes, they’ll see actual improvement in the way they move and step in a fight. Similar to the side-to-side drills found in many sports, this takes a fighting approach to learning to move with ease. Link to Article.


Multiple Attacker Surprise Training Tip— Are your readers looking for better ways to deal with multiple attackers? The key is to collect skills, strategies, and tactics into their bag of multiple-assailant tricks. What follows is a strong tool to add to their repertoire. Although it seems obscure, they’ll use it more often than … Link to Article.

The Bad and Good Showing Off For Martial-Arts Improvement — Are you annoyed by showoffs? Or are you one? If you are a beginning martial artist, then when and how you show off could seriously affect your improvement. The speed with with you build your skills, as well as when you peak, can be helped or hindered by how you choose … Link to Article.

Tips for Avoiding the Grab-and-Punch — Someone grabs you; you attempt a wrist or joint lock, but it gets interrupted by a solid punch by your attacker. What can you do to prevent this from happening? How should you respond, if it does occur? This article has practical tips for your readers and is especially useful if that punch comes in too early. Wrist-lock lovers will appreciate these tips. (Add in your affiliate link and earn 50% of each ebook sale.) Link to the Article.

Jackie Chan’s Timing Errors: How to Avoid ThemLearn a no-pattern pattern of fighting by avoiding certain errors that appear in most Jackie Chan movies. What we are talking about is the meat of what make his sequences so entertaining to watch. Develop advanced timing and rhythm with these simple ways to destroy the beat. Link to the Article.

Straight Blast Rushing without the PunchesStraight Blast Punching without the Punches One of the most useful tools is a series popularized by Bruce Lee — the straight blast. It’s a fast barrage of punches that really puts you in control of the altercation. What if you could achieve the exact same effect WITHOUT punching? No kidding. Link to Article

Straight Blast Rushing without The Punches: Part 2, To The Wall This is a follow-up article for those who want to learn to straight blast without blasting, except now, not only will you add back in some punches, but you’ll explore what to do once you have your enemy pressed against the wall. Link to Article

The Human, Wooden Dummy — Would you be willing to try an unorthodox drill, if it meant honing your martial-arts skills? How would you like to create a wooden dummy (not a mook jong) for free, un under five minutes? I’m about to share a proprietary exercise; this is a drill that I have never seen anyone else … Link to Article


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